In 2011 and 2012 we  traveled over 2500 miles on the Colorado River system, from two sources to the sea. By kayak, foot, and raft, we have gained a first-hand perspective on the river and the people whose lives depend on it. Through photographs, articles, and a web-video series, we seek to depict the whole watershed, from snowcapped peaks to wilderness canyons to a devastated delta. Down the Colorado is brought to you courtesy of the Colorado College State of the Rockies Project and Marine Ventures Foundation.

Powell to Powell: Portraits of the Upper Colorado

Our journey during summer 2012 is told in 5 short films. EP1: "Complicating the Divide" examines transbasin diversions. EP2: "Profit and Play" explores recreation. EP3: "The Desert Blooms" looks at the booming fracking industry and agriculture. EP4: "Confluence" ponders solutions to the Colorado's myriad problems. EP5: "A New Way Downstream" shows our solar-powered voyage across Lake Powell. 

A timelapse of our 2011-12 Source to Sea journey

Repairing the Riparian Landscape

At Westwater Ranger Station, we are joined by Mike Wight of the Southwest Conservation Corps.  Mike’s here to float with us past the Dolores River confluence...

Playing out of doors and away from asphalt ...takes us beyond the right-angled world we attempt to make useful and allows us to visit, however briefly, the more-than-human world living and dying beyond our control.
— Zak Podmore

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